Type of work

We can place you in several different types of projects. This will depend
on your preference of what you want to do. We are sending volunteers
to the following type of projects

Volunteers can teach in a Nursery (Children with ages between 1-4years),
Primary (Children with ages between 5-11 years) and Secondary schools
(Children with ages between 12-17 years). Subjects that the volunteer can
teach include Mathematics, English, Computer (soft and hardware),
Technical, Social Sciences, Accounting, Business Management, Biology,
Chemistry, Physics and other subjects.
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Health sector
Volunteers will be working in hospitals and clinics in assisting nurses to provide the necessary healthcare. Also they will help health workers undertake eradicationprogrammes like guinea worm, polio etc.

Volunteers who desire to work in orphanages would also be given the opportunity to do so since the organisation has established links with these insitutions.

Development activities like construction of school blocks
Volunteers will help the organisation to construct school blocks, urinals, toilets and others. These projects form part of the special development programmes that the organisation uses donations to undertake.