Childaid application terms and conditions:

Childaid is a non-profit organisation incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Ghana. In this Agreement, “Childaid” means the organisation, its trustees, directors, officers, employees and agents. “You” and “your” refers to the person signing this Agreement. Childaid will make all the necessary arrangements to provide you with the opportunity to work with and learn from local people with a team of volunteers in the community for which you will be assigned, subject to availability. You agree to volunteer your time and talents to the best of your ability following Childaid guidelines and policies.

you participate at your own risk
You acknowledge that there are dangers in traveling to and living anywhere. You agree to travel and participate at your own risk. You agree to assume full responsibility for injury to you and damage to your property.

you agree not to sue Childaid.
You will not sue Childaid if, in connection with this Service Program, you are injured or your property is damaged because of the negligence of Childaid Volunteers or because of the negligence or intentional acts of anyone else. If anyone, e.g. you, a family member, spouse, etc., sues Childaid because of an injury to you or damage to your property because of the negligence of Childaid or because of the negligence or intentional acts of anyone else, you or your estate will reimburse Childaid for all judgments and costs, including reasonable attorney’s fees. You may sue Childaid for intentional acts, gross misconduct or gross negligence.

you agree to follow rules and laws
Childaid requires that all volunteers arrive at the designated airport by the scheduled service program arrival date. You will be the guest of the local people and Childaid host organization. You agree to follow all applicable rules, policies and guidelines of Childaid and the host and the laws of the country and community. If you do not follow the rules, laws, policies and guidelines,Childaid ‘ country director has the authority to ask you to leave the community. If you are asked to leave, you agree to leave the community immediately. Childaid will transport you to the scheduled point of departure.

repulibic of Ghana law controls
The Republic of Ghana law applies to the performance of this Agreement. If any provision of this Agreement is unenforceable or too broad to be enforced to its full extent, then that provision and the remaining provisions will be enforced to the maximum extent permitted by law

The participant has to have a minimum age of 18 at the time of departure. The applicant has to be mentally and physically in a healthy condition. Childaid reserves the right to refuse any applicant in case he or she is found to be unappropriate for participation in the Childaid voluntaryworkprogram.

The inscriptionform has to be filled in at least two months prior before departure. Within two weeks after inscription the participant is expected to transfer 80 euro to the Bankaccount of Childaid in Ghana. If the participant decides to withdraw his or her inscription the 80 euro will not be refunded.

After the 80 euro has been transfered on the bankaccount of Childaid the participant will receive the handbook of Childaid. The particpant will then receive a confirmation of the inscription by email. Only after the email to confirm the inscription is send can the participant receive information about his project and his host-family/ lodgement.

The flight details of the participant have to be send to the country director at least 4 weeks before departure. De participants will be picked up at the airport in Accra. The other 415 euro will have to be paid in Accra during the first two days after arrival by the participant to Childaid. If the participant decides to stop his project and/or end his stay in Ghana the 415 euro will not be refunded.

Childaid tries her very best to help in any situation and provide the best possible service. However, not in any case, can Childaid be held responsable for any problems during the stay of the participant in Ghana like theft, illness, injury, discomfort with hostfamilies or the voluntarywork project. In case an inscription or participation of the parcipant to the program is stopped by Childaid the full paid amount will be refunded.