Starting dates

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The dates on which you should book your flight are written below. The program of Childaid begins for the months February, March and April on the first sunday of the month. For the month May and the following months the program starts on the first thursday of every month.

It is in case of exception also possible to arrive at a different date. However, it is then not possible to participate in the introduction program.

Start dates 2005:

  • – 6th of February (reservation for month February now closed)
  • – 6th of March (reservation closed)
  • – third of April (reservation closed)
  • – 5th of May
  • – second of June
  • – 7th of July
  • – 4th of August
  • – first of September
  • – 6th of October
  • – third of November
  • – first of December